Funny Giraffes Cartoons

Funny cartoons for fine art lovers - giraffes art cartoons by Martin Missfeldt

Selbst bei der Arbeit


Selbst bei der Arbeit

Relevant References

Albrecht Dürer, Jean Jacques Loup, Paolo Uccello, Pieter Bruegel, neurale models, Georges Seurat, scientific models, water colors, clear Rapidograph lines, color charts for testing the perception, Erwin Panowsky, the Foucault pendulum, the Sphinx, the Pantheon in Rome, Patatrac, the Large Glass, Marcel Duchamp, Ronald Searle, the Elongationsfactor Tu, action Rhinozeros, brain researcher Gerhard Roth, Nefertiti, magic squares, January sea, Peter Halley, Giraffen,…


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