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Funny Cartoon: Art-cartoon : scream on a bridge

Art-cartoon : scream on a bridge

The Scream from great Norwegian painter Edvard Munch applies as one of the best known paintings of the world. It has originated in 1893 and is worth for many as the first expressionist work. Munch has painted four shout versions.

The shout shows a central bald-headed figure with torn open eyes and far open mouth. The hands are laid to the head sides, the whole body is easily bent. It (the figure, whether man or woman is not recognizable) stands on a bridge or bank promenade which leads in the picture depth to the left. On the right protect a railing against the adjoining river which flows in the background into a lake. On the way two big masculine figures approach from the picture depth.

The quick, aggressive painting and the fiercely shining colours on the rough pluck subsoil give an immediate directness to the picture. The fear is so perceptible that the picture can be called allegory for fear. Indeed, it is natural also in such a way that the picture has stamped the picture of fear as world-famous in our visually stamped media world strongly. However, it is nevertheless a nice picture.

The giraffe's version takes up the striking stream lines and organises the neck in them along, once round the head. The figure must stretch its arms now quite a lot to be able to hold the head still.