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Funny Cartoon: Artist cartoon : mad insane Vincent van Goch

Artist cartoon : mad insane Vincent van Goch

Vincent van Gogh and the world-famous self-portrait with cutted ear - as giraffes cartoon. Van Gogh stands in his room, the face with the gloomy glance becomes from a federation and a fur cap frames. The staring, green eyes reflect the mad uncertainty which raves inside of the head.

How did he get the violation?
Van Gogh lived and co-operated in 1888 during two months with Paul Gauguin. Both colleagues who admired themselves before their meeting arranged to meet to live together and to work. After two months of the argument the situation escalated. From frustration and disappointment even a violation adds itself van Gogh: he cut off his earlobe. Gauguin departed most near days.

Of some days st├Ąter Vincent van Gogh paints this self-portrait in which the fury and disappointment, but also the physical violation become clearly visible.

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