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Funny Cartoon: Mona Lisa (funny cartoon)

Mona Lisa (funny cartoon)

The Mona Lisa - "La Gioconda", painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the beginning of the 16 century. Does she have a secret, or not? Fact is that the Oilpainting is undated and unsigned. The name "Lisa del Gioconda" goes back on Giorgio Vasari, the large art historian and bio-teller of the 16. Century. Vasari, who was also painter, put the arthistory a broad foundation to the today's, however many of his sources are today unknown. To that extent a doubt remains whether its writing up actually applies as "Mona Lisa del Gioconda". It is considered however as safe that the Gem�lde originates from the hand of the Leonardo da Vinci . At least it would be a too large loss, one could think about whether it is actual from Leonardo. Therefore: about it do not think, please.

Often Mona the Lisa is evaluated as the most beautiful woman of all times, particularly in popular-scientific contexts. One overestimates? Grinst it not actually a little d�mmlich? Or only a little smart? It stands firmly that us some smart humans told to find the picture fascinating. And deeply. To never decode and/or really. Who finds it out, that has the holy Gral and so on discovered�

In the reason the picture shows us, how much we are inspired of Geheimnissen. We are total happy, if we notice that we do not know everything. Actually stupid, we. Or?

It is interesting that Leonardo obviously did not hand the picture to a client over (Francesco del Giocondo is assumed to a large extent, like today), but it for itself kept. Wasn't it paid within the prescribed period? Or does it have with the client �berworfen itself? Perhaps it did not have an opportunity to hand it over which pretty often Leonardo neck over head a city abandoned and in the uncertain had to flee. Obviously it had it to short before its death with itself. Because on the dying bed it sold it at its sponsor and promoter, K�nig to Franz I. of Frankreich, which granted asylum it.

Mona Lisa - a Marsian Woman?

Thus, which is that? What wants the Mona Lisa? She smiles. She sits put with one hand in the another somewhere and smiles. The background shows a desert, nearly meagerly. One recognizes mountains on the right of a bridge, otherwise actually only stones. No Vegatation, no animals, nothing that somehow beautiful or friendly would be. Why she does smile? It works nearly as far away from this world, nearly like aHoly one . No normal woman, but a higher nature. Did Leonardo have contact to natures of the third kind, to outer-earth-people? Is Mona Lisa a Marsian Woman?

In any case one creates it the picture to place to us questions again and again. And that is already times much worth�
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Mona-Lisa-Giraffe for their part also the tender softness of the far away, angel-same celestial ones has. The loosely swung neck loops the picture. Contrary to the original a plastic depth is produced here, which does not give at all it in to plates the Leonardo original. If one regards the Mona Lisa Giraffe a time long, one forgets nearly that she has no so long neck in the original�