Funny Giraffes Cartoons

Funny Cartoon: Gold Cartoon: expensive dress and pale skin

Gold Cartoon: expensive dress and pale skin

To time most expensive paintings of the world: Gustav Klimts beautiful Müsterchen picture ennobles Bloch farmer. Marvelously charmingly the work shines and underlines the tender, fragile face of the lasziven ennobles. Their ivory-fine alabaster body is in a avangardistischen, nearly okkultischen garb with numerous strange figures and indications. More information about this wunderfull Adele Bloch-Bauer at Wikipedia.
It is a strange picture. Also the long, elegantly wound giraffe neck does not bring fundamental clarifying: Who is she? What she wants? Is she a cute goddess? Or is she rather a somewhat shy intellectual one? Or more the calm, superior housewife in the sense of our current family-manager? Man does not become smart from it. No miracle thus, which the chaps for it leaf so many lights and build even a museum now therefore.

Which is appropriate thus more near, as the good ennobles in such a way fitting as proven farmer saying on the body to be tailored: So golden the sun in July radiates, so sumptuously it us the harvest painted.