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Funny Cartoon: Hardedge cartoon : duel of the artists

Hardedge cartoon : duel of the artists

This design is also a Selfportrait. At the end long table sits an opposite. Before it an elbow paper and pencil and Rapidograph. The situation plays in the open air in a cold, far desert. The two senkrechten lines on the left and on the right suggest a mirror, a Selbstportrait suggests which. However this impression broken of the two indication tools in the foreground.

More than one Selbstbildnis is this design a dialogue with the viewer. One is in a duel and is the opposite in a duel, which is to be delivered apparently by design.

Like always in such situations is the question: Who makes the first error? Opposite the draughtsman sits immovably and examines with ice-cold view. Nothing happens. The tension rises. Nothing moves, and so it will remain. The viewer remains finally only the escape. The draughtsman stays and waits for the next victim...