Funny Giraffes Cartoons

Funny Cartoon: Health cartoon : sick old giraffe

Health cartoon : sick old giraffe

Albrecht Dürer, the great master of the North European painting and anyhow one of the inventors of our modern artist's picture, also had a mother who sits opposite us in this sheet as a giraffe. One feels the hard life which it distinguishes as a woman of her time and as a mother of a genius.

Actually, Dürer's mother squinted (at least in his drawing). So strongly that it deflects eyes of her real being in Mißfeldts too strongly. Hence, he has taken the strabismus from the giraffe's Dürer's mother and has toned down her trains a little. Anyway, she has all reason to be contented with herself and her son, or not?

There is probably no drawing of the cultural history to which the farm wisdom supplemental here fits so well: &qout; Little blessing brings December mildly and a lot of rain, to the new year ".