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Funny Cartoon: Hero cartoon : intersection in desert

Hero cartoon : intersection in desert

Two surfaces tilted against each other and a pale-reddish resplendent sun: in this stage-like Ambiente Don Quichote and its Kumpan Sancho new adventures ride against. Don Quichote armed with helmet, lance and sign, rides on its somewhat ramdösig looking Rosinate, a camel giraffe. Sancho disguised itself the circumstances accordingly as Beduine and rides on an armored giraffe Nashorn.

On the horn point sits an apple, which is perforated point-exactly by an arrow. The arrow comes naturally from wanting helmet Tell, which crossed the coincidentally straight way. From right a mysterious Surfer giraffe follows. And, nana, from on the left of above, with the gesäss ahead, the Pope giraffe flies in the middle to the happening.