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Funny Cartoon: Hollywood cartoon: Marilyn Monroe as giraffe

Hollywood cartoon: Marilyn Monroe as giraffe

Once more one nicest women of the cultural history : Marilyn Monroe from Andy Warhol . The pale-pink-coloured skin of the Marilyn becomes even paler by garish Yellow of the hair and especially by the luminous orange of the background and more paled. The lascivious bedroom look of the Marilyn is garish thus erotically like the picture.

The original (" Shot orange Marilyn ") from the museum for modern art in Frankfurt / Main has produced Andy Warhol in the silk screen procedure after a photo presentation. It is one of the works which can be optimally used as postcards motive.

By the curved neck the Marilyn giraffe still receives an especially elegant mark. Indeed, the long-pulled giraffe's face needs getting used to, this woman still is undoubtedly one to the nicest giraffes of the world ...