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Funny Cartoon: Lutherans-cartoon : Reformer Martin Luther

Lutherans-cartoon : Reformer Martin Luther

Lukas Cranach paints Martin Luther, one of the completely tallness of the world history. There are only a few which felt obliged so strongly to her own conscience that they revolutionised a whole world order. And translated this, while they worked just her life long conscientiously (e.g. the Bible into German) and danaben a big family could love.

Has painted this big man no lower one than Lucas Cranach the senior . Be unmistakeable, friable style shows Luther humanely, but also in itself turned and thoughtfully. The wonderful blue of the background frames the massive, black dressed figure which is crowned by the head.

As a giraffe Martin Luther would let his head have seesawed absolutely lively... Not from Luther, but from any farmer fictitiously and since centuries for good reason always weitergetragen is the added Bauernschläue: " If June rain falls in the rye, the wheat does not remain also dry ".