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Funny Cartoon: Medical cartoon : giraffe anatomy

Medical cartoon : giraffe anatomy

A masterpiece of Rembrandt Harmsz van Rijn: There Dr. Tulp gets up before a corpse and snips to her the arm. It is an anatomy presentation. What could come from a modern TV film, happened nearly 400 years ago in the Netherlands. The well-to-do society (or male half) did not let itself take the horror fun to take part in scientific, anatomical seminars. And Dr. Tulp was so captivating that him the big guild with on her picture wanted to have which they ordered from Rembrandt.

The anatomical presentation happens in an " anatomical theatre " which was pursued at past gainful. A (not shown) Präperator did his " bloody business ", before the scientist and doctor Dr. Tulp took it in his hands. The dead person, by the way, was a criminal who was hung.

Primes becomes this strangely cosy mood of the good old Buernspruch: " May brings flowers to the face, however, to the stomach no fruits ".