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Funny Cartoon: Melancolic cartoon : angel after Albrecht Duerer

Melancolic cartoon : angel after Albrecht Duerer

The famous copper pass "Melencolia I" originates from the year 1514. This giraffe version orients itself strongly at the original work. However the four "alive" natures are organized as giraffes: The picture-dominating, sitting woman figure right, the Putto, which sits on millstone, the dog, which lie zusammengekauert beside the woman, as well as the bat fabulous creature, which draw its course on the Firmament, and on its spread wings of the titles: "Melencolia I" to read is.

Beside these four natures numerous symbolic articles contribute to assist in the understanding (or even to the better confusion). To be emphasized is here on the one hand the magic square on the top right. The characteristic of this magic square lies in the fact that all horizontal, vertical and diagonal Viererreihen results in the same sum (34). Further naturally the famous rhombohedron is to be called, whose complex form you can experience and fathom personally: Tinkering guidance.

Beyond that the following attributes mark the "melancholischen condition": Comet tail, rainbow, dig of you (Schmiede), hammer, balance, Sanduhr, Sonnenuhr (over it), (deferment of payment) bell, leader, car wheel.

Dürer introduces a turn in the artistic self understanding with its copper pass. While the artist was rather a craftsman before, he becomes now the grübelnden philosopher. It the works, it does not created only invent it as reflection into the world.

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