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Funny Cartoon: Senior cartoon: old man gets abstract

Senior cartoon: old man gets abstract

The Swiss painter Paul Klee, one of the quite great artists on the way to the pure abstraction, has painted a miraculous picture with the head of an ageing man. Hence, the title: Baldgreis. He is soon already an old man. Of clover lunar-headed, harmless man is drawn by whitish eyebrows and whiskers. The giraffe's version with over-long giraffe's neck looks even more fragile, more breakable. The friable colour order works as the worn down skin of an old face drawn by the life shines.

Indeed, of clover bild looks rather far from the seen nature distant, however, it nevertheless is quite clearly a figure. In spite of all merits around the creation to the abstraction clover, of course, has never painted a really abstarktes picture. He remained time of his life a medium reason painter with whom the intellect should always look for recognizable objects.

The picture is extended by the miraculous, ancient farmer-wisdom: &qout; If the winter Is warm, the farmer becomes poor ".