Funny Giraffes Cartoons

Funny Cartoon: Summer cartoon : giraffe with parasol

Summer cartoon : giraffe with parasol

A young woman goes walking on a windy spring day. Besides her stands a boy. She is dressed with an airy, far skirt, which flutters merrily in the wind. From the strong sun it protects its juvenile face with a sun screen, which with the wind not at all is so simple. Their shade falls on the flower-scattered meadow in the foreground.

The giraffe version works more stably. Despite the wind the giraffe is certain. The picture is times-technically rather problematic. The selected technology (Gua) cannot catch the liquid Tupfigkeit of the Monet of oil picture so quite. In particular the sky and/or the clouds succeeded only centralmagnificently.

The selected farmer wisdom umspielt the two central topics of the picture: Weather and time. " The wind may blow as it wants, Easter comes before the end of April ".

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