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Funny Cartoon: Woodcut cartoon : Desiderius Erasmus

Woodcut cartoon : Desiderius Erasmus

The famous copperplate of Albrecht Dürer from the year 1526 shows the reformer Erasmus von Rotterdam. Erasmus had committed himself to the spiritual and philosophical advancement of the Reformation of Martin Luther and counts for many as one of the forefathers of the humanism.

Interesting in the composition it is that Erasmus takes only upper half of the picture. Below lie books, a letter lies around, pretty flowers stand on the table. The poor Erasmus is pushed in spite of many place in the upper corner and writes cramped on a small writing desk.

The long, a little bit upset and winding neck of the Erasmus giraffe overlays a picture with two inscriptions: the upper one is Latin and is translated: " Erasmus von Rotterdam drawn from Albrecht Dürer after the life ". Lower, here overlaid ones is: " Better his books show him. " Quite a lot give from good Albrecht. Or whether was it added at the instigation of Erasmus?

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