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Funny cartoons for fine art lovers - giraffes art cartoons by Martin Missfeldt

Giraffes art cartoons

DYNOXICON fine art cartoons: this cartoon-gallery shows over 120 Cartoons by the german artist Martin Missfeldt ( see also his oil painting, watercolor and speed painting). The painter and cartoonist studied fine art in the masterclass of George Baselitz at the University of the Arts Berlin. Since 1992 and draws he paints funny giraffe cartoons, since 1999 he uses masterpieces of the history of art as motives. DYNOXICON is a cartoon gallery with funny fine art pictures and amazing giraffes images for fine art lovers with humor. Please enjoy and have fun...

Mona Lisa - Cartoon picture

Art cartoons - Cartoon art

"Can Beer fly?" - "Is Mona Lisa a marsian woman?" - "Why looks Rembrandts Anatomy of Dr. Tulp like a worm-orgy?" - "Why has Dürers Young Hare a knot in his neck?" ... These are substantial questions with which Missfeldt sits down apart in his funny cartoons. This digital gallery shows "real" pictures, painted by hand with real color (Goua and water color) on paper - funny art cartoon pictures for fine art lovers.

The Scream - Edvard Munch - Cartoon picture

Art-history with humor: masterpieces of painting history

The pictures of this cartoon gallery are assigned to art-history epochs. Art and painting brought numerous sensational pictures out as a sign of human longing in the course of the epochs. This picture-gallery shows the most-famous giraffes in art-history. Unfortunately this collection of painting history exhibits still gaps. They are closed however in the next years. So far the following art epochs of art-history are shown: Cartoons 1 | Cartoons 2 | Cartoons 3 | Cartoons 4 | Cartoons 5 | Cartoons 6 | Cartoons 7 | Cartoons 8 | Cartoons 9 | Cartoons 10 | Cartoons 11 | Cartoons 12 | Cartoons 13 | Cartoons 14 |

Home working - art cartoon

Why giraffe / giraffes?

1992 conceived Missfeldt a painting, in which a cowboy in the desert hangs on a tree. Because the cowboy should hang really long-time, according to the neck had to be elongated. Thus it looked like a cowboy giraffe. Missfeldt was surpised, but recognized immediately the unbelievable potential that in the long necks was. Since that time it painted well over 120 of these funny cartoon-pictures.

All pictures are painted or drawn on paper (usually 42 x 30 cm). A fineliner is an important drawing tool. The color is laid on with water-colors, partly thickened often in many layers and with cover white.

Giraffen Cartoon Speed drawing

2007 Missfeldt has drawn a "Speed-Drawing-Video" that shows the drawing process of a giraffe cartoon. Based on a request for an illustration for a book about the russian poet Nikolay Gumiliev. Ttitle of the poem : "Lonely Tschad giraffe".

This Speed-Drawing was the initial for a series of speed painting videos. Missfeldt's youTube channel shows some of his famous speed-painting videos.

Actual Google Doodle "December Global Festivities": The festive season is here and this pair of slippery-footed siblings are excited to spend time with their warm-weather relatives! Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks to see what kind of fun this feathery family has in store.